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A fetish act. A person holds a clear plastic/glass strainer mere inches from their face, and another person violently sprays semi-chunky soup like diarrhea from their anus into the strainer. The strainer then strains the liquid fecal matter onto the recipient's face. The left over chunky fecal matter can be used as seen fit. (Note: for suggested uses ov the solid fecal matter, please refer to the list below.)

1.) Eat the solid fecal matter.

2.) Use the solid fecal matter for a fecal transfer.

3.) Insert the solid fecal matter back into the person's anus who originally discharged it, and go for round two.

4.) Make chocolate chocolate-chip cookies. (Use dingle berries for chocolate-chips.)

5.) Use as warpaint.

6.) Make brownies.

7.) Soft serve icecream.

8.) Fudge blocks.
"Open up my pretties, it's feeding time." squawked Debra. As she squatted down, her hairy, flabby, ass in full view through the strainer. She then proceeded to violently shit chunky shit soup in the strainer all over Jasen and Brent's smiling faces as they held hands and asked for another strainer job.
by BigEvil13 August 09, 2016
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