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A straight-gay best friend is a person who is straight, yet they have stereotypical gay-like qualities. They are attracted to the opposite sex, and can sometimes be vulgar, but they are usually sensitive and understanding. They struggle with being gay and straight at the same time, without being by-sexual. They enjoy throwing large objects, yet at the same time they are talented at shopping, especially for dresses.
Person 1: "How did you find that dress?"
Person 2: "My Straight-Gay Best Friend found it for me!"
Person 1: "Oh my God it looks great!"
*Girly Screams and Giggles*
by People Against Pokes December 13, 2010
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It’s like a girl’s gay best friend except he’s actually straight and the girl knows this but they have no interest in dating each other
Grace: Are you and Ryan dating or a thing?
Frances: No he’s my straight gay bestfriend!!
by Jra02 July 08, 2019
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