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Like being friend zoned but because they're the wrong sexuality. This can apply with either asker or asked being the wrong sexuality, but it is always heartbreakingly painful
Me: hey, wanna go out with me some time
Every girl ever: I'm sorry... I'm a lesbian?
Me: damn, straight zoned again
by Geekycoconut March 17, 2013
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1. When a LGB person is in a friendship with a straight person, but makes it clear up front that their relationship cannot mature beyond a designated limit, simply because they are straight.
2. A safe emotional distance LGB people can keep from their straight friends.
3. A term LGB people use to advert to their relationship with Allies.
"I feel like Matthew isn't being really open with me, maybe it's because I'm straight?"
"Dude, you totally got straightzoned!"
"Selena, why don't you trust me, is it because I'm not gay?"
"I always have one in mind about straight people."
"So this means I'm in the straightzone."
"I wanna come with you at the gay bar."
"I would rather you don't."
"Straightzoned again..."
by Straightzoned November 29, 2014
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