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Synonym for fuckboy. Also called SWB.

We all know them, we've all heard about them and we all dread being approached by one. These so-called straight white boys are commonly luring on social media and dating apps.

They're white, obnoxious, have no sense of tact or respect, and their standard reply is "haha and then what ;)"

They turn normal conversations into sexting in the blink of an eye and if you're not careful, you'll get a faceful of dick pics.
Do not startle the SWB tho! If you reject him too clearly, he'll go in defense mode. Common strategies are "ur not pretty enough any way haha" or "jk. Lol"
Whatever you do tho, don't mention the words "chilling" "going to take a shower" or "netflix" as this seems to trigger the response "haha. What would you do if I were with you? ;)"
"We were just talking on kik and suddenly he sent a dickpic out of nowhere, thats just so Straight White Boy from him."
by Inspiritgolden September 23, 2015
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