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A game played by straight or gay people that have no interest in performing sexual acts with one and other; it is designed to test the nerve of those involved. Usually played by two people, the aim of the game is to perform increasing intimate sexual acts until one party concedes because it has gone too far. The acts may begin at kissing and move from there.

This version of the game would be most suited to two friends of the opposite sex.

Similar to gay chicken
You reckon you have nerves of steel? You wanna play straight chicken?
by IntensiveCareBear June 13, 2016
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The awkward dance between two people when one of them goes in for the big kiss and the other pulls away.

In this case, unlike in normal chicken, the one that fails to pull away first is the loser.
Logan really likes Caitlin, but she just wants to be friends. After the dance the other night, he tried to go in for a kiss and ended up losing straight chicken.
by Ikonaka April 25, 2009
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