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When your having anal sex "doggy style"; take your hat off and hold it under her vagina. So when you pull out fast, she shits in your hat and then you put it on, keeping your head warm!
"Hey man, why does your Stormy Kromer hat smell and look like shit?" "Well, last night my bedroom was super cold for starters. It got a little wild last night with the old lady and ended up needing something to catch shit in."
by CapinQueef October 04, 2017
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Sex position very much like Cowgirl except the female must always be facing due north, and the male is laying parallel with the sides of the bed. It is possible to be doing the Stormy Kromer and (Reverse) Cowgirl at the same time.
Friend "Have you ever heard of the Stormy Kromer?"
You "Heard of it, I've done it"
by TurkleDawg December 29, 2012
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