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The Stormtroopers of Death is a crossover thrash band created in NY in 1985. They are credited with being one of the first bands to pioneer in the subgenre. They were made up of four members, Scott Ian, Dan Lilker, Charlie Benante, and Billy Milano. They were also the source of a lot of controversy as their lyrics were deliberately racist and misogynist. However, they had slowed down controversy when they stated that their lyrics were just for fun and "... to piss people off." Since their formation in 1985, they'd undergone many separate periods of inactivity. Withal, with the release of their 2007 live album (which has a variety of unreleased tracks) Rise of the Infidels, they had finally decided to call it quits for good.
I wish Stormtroopers of Death were still around, they knew how to mosh.
by unineff2000 December 22, 2014
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