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Storm Lake. Land of about 10,000 human creatures at a minimum. What do these people do on their weekends? Go to Sioux City? Not to Spencer, what is even in that mall anymore? Nah, if its summer they go downtown to drink. If they are college kids they go downtown to drink, or the local parties.If it is winter, guess what they do? Downtown to drink. High school reunion? Oh yeah, excuse to knit? Hell no, drink!! However is that what small towns are all about? Hell no! Project A Waste of Money, or AWAYSIS provide a great water resort named Kings Point. The meat packing plants provide the appropriate amount of pollution for the lake. The people on the outskirts of the city limits cry so they do not have to pay taxes all of the time, even though they are Storm Lakers. Great town to grow up in and visit your family in when you move the hell away from Storm Lake.
Suzie: Hey Paco, wanna hang out at my moms house?
Paco: Where is your moms house?
Suzie: Storm Lake, IA.
Paco: Ok, as long as she is not home so we can drink.

Jannie: Mommy, lets go swim in the lake at Storm Lake, IA.
Mommy:No dear, it is infes... how about we go to Kings Pointe, it has a slide.
Jannie: Yeahhhh!!
by Lake gangsta July 21, 2011
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