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A rogue whore.

STOPzilla was a computer program that the user would install on his Windows PC. It acted as if it detected or removed spyware, while all it did was being spyware itself, opening unwanted pop up windows, slowing down the system and so on. It was impossible to get rid of and cost a lot of money.
She lifted her skirt and said "get out of my house you perv" - WTF? She's such a Stopzilla. After I was gone, she called me a million times.
by snlr April 22, 2009
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the greatest popup, spyware and siteguard program ever created. 40$ with a 20$ rebate for 1 year... it will make sure your computer is safe, it is the only program aside for norton ill buy for my computer... its all you need
stopzilla stoped the popup that my stupid IE popup blocker didnt!
by Joshua .B November 06, 2007
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