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A female stoner who can take mad hits as well as and/or sometimes even better than a stonER. Also be able to get higher, faster! ;) It makes sense, actOR, actrESS!
Guy: *Takes a weak ass bong hit and starts coughing a lot for what feels like an eternity*
Girl: Bitch, you're hacking a lung over THAT?! I'll show you what a REAL hit is! *Takes a nice, long 30 second hit, holds it in for a good 15 seconds, and blows the smoke is the Wiz Khalifa wannabe's face*
Guy: Damn, girl. You should win some sort of award for that.
Girl: Already have, I am proud to say that I have EARNED the title Stoness
Guy: *Bows down to her pot smoking royalty*
by carlysims June 02, 2014
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