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Stoners...are a group people who get high together.(we are not that group that gets so high we lie cheat kill and steal to get high if your doing any of that your a fuck up not a stoner)..stoners are seekers..we are on some kind of journey...and seeking others that understand us..we figure our motto let's get high and gain some knowledge from one another..we like to chill..and be accepted we are family..even if we only meet once..we have one common in common..
CREED..AN UNSPOKEN RULE..if at any point u were a stoner and you were in the family...,,YOU DO NOT POINT A FINGER AT YOUR STONER FAMILY MEMEBER. .Creed is the rule of the golden oath of the stoner family we do not throw another under a bus..if you knew that stoner 20 years ago or yesterday....even if you become's the respect of the stoner one of us is better than the other..
Stoner the unspoken oath (a wink wink)I will never tell your family your friends your kids none of ur private business i will never tell what i know about you not now not in 20 years no matter how much we change or dont even like each other ..we know we just needed each other during that moment in time...forever and ever keeping our mouths shut..unbreaking trust
Stoners creed an unspoken oath of silence forever and ever
by PRETTY IN COPPER February 05, 2017
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