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The ideas and plans which stoners make while high, often never carried out due to forgetting or laziness.
Example of stoner dreams:

Kevin: "Hey Ron, we should make a movie about a stoner dude who time travels to the past and people think he's Jesus"
Ron: Yeah dude, awesome idea, we will, one day"

20 Years Later...
no movie
by El Dude Brother October 18, 2013
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Elaborate plans to do something or go somewhere and participate in an arbitrary activity, usually thought of while drunk and/or high. Then when you sober up, you realize that it's just never going to happen, or is a horrible idea.
Guy 1: Dude we should go rock climbing this weekend, wouldn't that be so fun?

Guy 2: Cmon man, that's stoner dreams, we're just gonna sit around all weekend getting high.
by sesamechicken February 22, 2012
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