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The circle of people, where a joint, blut, or piece is being passed around. Usually has a noticable smell. To join, you usually must be known and liked, or bring something to add to the session.
Did you notice how he thought he could get into our stoner circle without bringing something?

Dude, that stoner circle was intense!

Whoh, a 30 man stoner circle!
by Chunk Bigg April 25, 2007
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A small group of people who get together regularly to consume cannabis. Often members of this group are best friends, and are always able to put small conflicts aside to get together for a smoke.
Even when not partaking in consuming the holy herb, they often recognize eachother as friends or acquaintences. Often focus on growing closer to one another while smoking.
Members of a stoner circle may work or go to school together, and often go to other places together beside the place of smoking.

Always looking for more weed, but never for selfish purposes. Members of a stoner circle almost never smoke alone, because they realize that the "circle" part is just as important as the "stoner" part and that smoking is a social activity that is made more enjoyable when done together.
Often looked upon as being pot heads or lowlifes by other members of their respective society, but they themselves know that they enjoy their lives and that is all that matters.
Members of a circle live by certain rules and policies:
If one member of the circle has a bad high, the other members are obligated to calm him or her down and bring them back.
Members are permitted to trip eachother out, but only with permission.
Members must help one another in times of stoneliness need.
Hogging the smoking device is strictly forbidden. Enjoying the high of your friends in a circle is just as enjoyable as enjoying your own.
Sorry teacher I couldn't do my homework, I was with my stoner circle enjoying my life and getting to know myself and my friends, and I learned more and experienced more in 4 hours with my circle than I will in a year of school.
by Circler July 17, 2011
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