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Dubbed the Swiss army knife for smoking the reefer. A lighter with approximately ten feet of bee line hemp wick and a bitchin' bamboo poker that's retractable for stirring dat ash and also packing those joints tight like a tiger. Sold in smoke stores all over California, but originated in the smokers paradise: Santa Barbara. The first hemp wick lighters to storm the US of A.
"hey bromeo, pass the stoneez; im trying to light my bowl"
by stoneez pleaze November 07, 2012
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A healthier alternative to smoking your cannabis or tobacco (not limited to).
A lighter (Clipper, Bic, etc...) that is wrapped with approximately 10 feet of all natural hemp wick (or twine) with a retractable bamboo stick to stir or pack your bowls, rolled up joints, or blunts.
Actor 1: Let's smoke
Actor 2: Yeah, let's use my Stoneez, it's a healthier way to smoke
Actor 1: For sure
by CannabisConnoisseur September 02, 2013
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