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To change the mind regarding MMORPG games and go from game to game declaring each one is better than the last only to change mind within 1-2 weeeks.

Also refers to being Northern and smoking a lot of drugs.
"I love WoW"
"Dude, you loved EQ2 last week, you're such a StonedPenguin"
by Some Dude December 21, 2004
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1.a large person with a chiped front tooth that looks relitively like penguin from batman and is currently stoned

2.a fat kid who oftin spends his time waddling through the getto wile stoned
mark:I know why they call him penguin.
mark:because his house is so cold.
me:are you stupid?
me:its because when he was fat he looked like penguin from batman
mark:and when hes stoned...
azn sarah:thats why they call him stoned penguin
by immastoned November 29, 2007
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