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The huge friggin' tower located in Ikana Canyon, Termina. After fighting the King of Ikana, he teaches you the Elegy of Emptiness. The song that allows you to summon creepy statues of the person who played the song, these statues allow you to complete impossible puzzles in the Stone Tower.

Upon reaching the top, you see a huge structure in the shape of a face. When play the EoE as each transformation on all four switches located at the platform across from the face thingy, a bridge is formed allowing you to advance. And guess what? YOU HAVEN'T EVEN ENTERED THE EFFIN' TEMPLE YET!!! Yup, you may be thinking: "AW FOR THE LOVE OF NAYRU!!!" But don't worry, this temple is easier then the one before (Great Bay Temple).

After advancing a quarter of the way through, you come across a Garo Ninja wearing a mask and a purple robe. This is the 'Garo Master'. Defeat him and you gain the Light Arrows. These can be used to shoot the red jewel located before you enter the temple, after shooting the red jewel, the tower is flipped upside-down.

After getting the Boss Key and the Giants Mask, the boss dungeon would be the place to go. The boss' are two centipedes that go by the name of Twinmold. Defeat him, and you get another piece of heart and the final giants trust.
"My Grandma's house is creepy, it reminds me of the 'Stone Tower'."
by Termina Encyclopedia September 14, 2011
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