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The Stoic Beatbox is no ordinary child.
It has multiple genitalia, two vaginas to be exact.

One in the front and one in the back (No Anal Glands) So yes, that means it defecates out its 2nd vagina.
Hence, it has no testicles.
This explains its ability to sound like a woman. Because it is in fact a transsexual.

Stoic usually will concur that it is the best at everything and makes outrageous claims and insults that would only make sense to an autistic pre schooler. When it attempts to beatbox and attempts an Inward K it sounds like the equivalent to a bowling ball being dropped onto a baby seal, and its technicality sounds like a tornado of rusty nails hitting an old folks home.
The Stoic may be plagued by Narcissistic Personality Disorder and a defect that makes semen produce from its lactation glands (Nipples)

The Stoic is a lonely child with a face resembling Smeagle with ginger cornrows and a rainbow handle bar moustache and stretched ears with Hello Kitty plugs.
The Stoics future career will likely consist of tons and tons of men using their cocks as hammers on his face.
Stoic Beatbox; (beatboxing)

Man; What kind of fuckery is that!

Stoic Beatbox; Dude, you wanna battle, fight meh bro!

Man; What is wrong with you kid..

Stoic Beatbox; Nothing I am just a God. Watch yourself you imbecile, Your inevitable defeat is looming.
by Necrobotics October 30, 2013
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