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The mature woman who works in corner convenience stores. She's the solid rock who can be kind or cruel. She is often recognized by many customers as a "mom" because though she might chastise you for making a mess or her life more difficult she might also cover your back in a pinch or let you slide a few cents. She can be sweet and kind or stern. She's worked for years, she's no easy pushover and those who frequent the store are willing to protect her if push comes to shove. She loves her long term customers and the youth are like her adopted kids. She may be White, Black or Latin. She seems indifferent to color or of a person's station in life whether they are poor or rich. More likely she is taken in by the poorer community who appreciate that she "see's" them and appreciates them.
Kisha: Dis my stoe mamma.

Shandra: She mean.

Kisha: She coo les you dis her.
by jamaica5 June 15, 2010
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