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A scrawny feminine, German / Jewish / Aboriginal who loves to multi-task by masturbating whilst indulging in an episode of 'Seinfeld' and 'Hebrew Hammer' with his jew beanie on.

He hails from Eildon (A dead end where the road into the town is also the only road out. Oh and Gabby lives there too)

Also referred to as 'Von Stoat'. The 'Stoaty' is also known to dwell in isle 11 of the local Coles supermarket or in front of 'Mr Cashman' at the Bundy pokies.

He is known for his irregular gambling tactics such as Starting off with $100, making it up to $160, then coming back down to $80 to once again withdraw the money from his machine and claim to have won.
Person #1: OH MY GOD! I just won $120!!

Person #2: Yeah, but you put $200 in the machine to start off with you fuckin' Stoaty!

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- -----

Mopa: Take my old T.V. cabinet to Eildon you tight arse jew.

Stoaty: I concur.

Mopa: Errr.

Luke: Sizs!!!
by Michael Gemini Lee March 12, 2008
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