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Stinkhead (noun, adjective)

A glamorous female archetype permeating pop culture from the years 1978 to 1993. The term originally stemmed from the voluminous hair styles during that period; one could catch a whiff from 3-10 ft away from a stinkhead because of the amount of product needed to perpetuate such mass.

Hair isn't the point, though. The term has become significantly more robust, including a much broader spectrum of ladies from this era. The collective m.o. of the stinkhead is to flaunt exclusivity, glamour, sexuality and/or financial resources. Typical visual cues of stinkhead status include heels, rocker boots, sunglasses, lacquered nails, and martinis. Common stinkhead environments include the beach, the salon, horse races, hotel bars, and dance clubs. Stinkheadry often overlaps with various musical cultures like hip hop, r&b, freestyle, and hair metal.
Exemplary stinkheads include porn star Nina Hartley, Kelly LeBrok from 'Weird Science ,' Cassandra Peterson ('Elvira'), Rosie Perez ('Do the Right Thing'), and free style bands like Klymaxx and Sweet Sensation.

"Look at that tan stinkhead in the Porsche with my dad."

"I only watch stinkhead porn."

"Look at that cougar at the bar eating that shrimp cocktail. I bet she was a total stinkhead in her day."

"This stinkhead's gotta get to the salon."

"You wanna go this club tonight? Yeah, but I gotta wash my stinkhead."

"Is that a wig? No, it's my stinkhead."
by Electrikiss October 24, 2013
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