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Sweettooth in the stage between human form and the now evil ice cream truck driving, perpetually drunk hooligan. This incarnation of "Pat" looked much like the popular 80's singer, Sting, around the time he appeared in the film DUNE. Although he had not yet purchased the ice cream truck and had not even thrown his first beer, this "version" was known to urinate on people's dorm room doors and throw fruits and vegetables out the 3rd story window at "hoofty" passersby. Other shenanigans by Stingtooth included offering to "eat a girls ass all night" and sporting a pompador while having a receeding hairline.
I saw Stingtooth on TV the other day signing "Message in a Bottle (of Old Spice High Endurance Soap)" and "Every Bar of Soap You Take". Afterwards, he told the crowd they were out of Northside and then pelted them with old oranges.
by Barry Pepper #3 February 24, 2005
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