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The last few tokes of the joint that is so small it is hard to hold and usually burns your lips. Like the chocolate bit at the end of the cornetto.
by Pubeyyyy June 12, 2016
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The stinging roger is based on a stinging weed that grows wild in Australia.

the last bit of the joint is called 'the stingin roger' because she stings the top of your lip and your fingers (if you're not careful) if you get stung then you've done something wrong recently and the sting is telling you to re-evaluate your life choices.
so whoever rolls a joint to pass around, the roller gets to light it, pass it around the circle and is entitled to finish the stingin roger or it is the best bit.
'pass the stingin roger'
'chuck us the stinga'
by Just Ya Classic Aussie Battler October 14, 2017
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