A bleach blonde, intoxicatingly handsome man. One who loves coastal cities and winemaking. Stillman is the name only given to those who deserve and respect it. There is no

such thing as simply "A Stillman," as anyone with the name of Stillman deserves special recognition.
Let's Stillman at Happy Hour tonight.
by julesattriangle September 2, 2010
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a really good person. stillman cardinals always unite unless you’re a mean stillman cardinal then the good ones unite against you and you get poked no one wants to get poked but it will happen stillman cardinals are true supporters of one another and if they aren’t then they are exiled to byron
“Hey Lauren, what’s up?!?!?!?!”

“aw you actually support me ur a true stillman cardinal
by csabtgi March 5, 2019
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