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A term used to describe nipples when they get hard, or 'stiff'.
This is normally caused due to cold weather or if you are turned on.
1: It's so cold.
2: I know, I've got stiff nips.
1: Same!
by DeeJayy Coco Cee March 11, 2008
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A man (or woman) who is in love with memes. Stiff nips will never get a date, because he/her is always on a date with memes. A stiff Nips normally has a bowl cut and goes to public school.
That Stiff Nips made it into algebra?

I can't believe it either.
by phenomenonn March 12, 2017
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Just an all around great guy. His account is really awesome and you should follow him @stif.nips on instagram.
Wow! @stiff.nips is such a good shitposter!
by Not Stiff Nips March 13, 2017
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