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Sticky to moderately wet feelings about the anus within a four-inch radius; directly related to doubts concerning whether a person has maybe shit their pants a little bit or has some kind of "butt leak". Those affected often experience symptoms including: anxiety, confusion, apprehension, inhibition, sudden loss of social-confidence, uncertainty towards whether their pants contain a "sticky-icky" mud-like substance. Victims often can be reassured by going to the bathroom and administering a "wipe-check". This courtesy-wipe can go one of two ways: 1) the toilet paper is unsoiled indicating a clean (yet sweaty) anus, or 2) the toilet paper is stained with a wet, sticky, muddish feces that must be removed if the victim is to return to their natural, unafflicted state.
After consuming his morning cup of hot coffee Greott walked to class only to discover he suddenly had Sticky-Icky Mud Butt. He knew that Sticky-Icky Mud Butt could be social suicide if recognized by his peers and that he may be in danger of being labeled "the smelly kid" or a person that "shits his pants". Having experienced this form of ostrification before he quickly went to the bathroom, hung his backpack on the back of the door, pulled down his pants and proceeded to wipe his butt-crack from the bottom up, observing the toilet paper for signs of sticky-icky mud. Thankfully the toilet paper was "clean" indicating moist feelings caused by heavy perspiration about the anus not a form of butt leak. "Probably caused by the hot coffee" he giggled to himself, and went back to class with the buoyancy back in his step.
by Party Crashers October 11, 2009
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