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A sticky yamika can be a couple different things, depending on how you live your life, it can be one, the other, or a mixture of both.

First sticky yamika can and should happen during sexual intercourse at least once in your lifetime. While having sex with a woman, make sure that you prepare her for a facial. When your girlfriend is ready to take on your massive man load, quickly push them down to the floor and pin them there, and proceed to splash the back of the victims head with your baby paste. If your girlfriend questions this, beat her ass, and tell her to never back talk to you again.


Second sticky yamika.

The secondary sticky yamika was developed by a man who plays Halo 3 regularly. He is a close friend of the man writing this tutorial. He has a strong sense of being able to stick people from "downtown" or across the map, mostly landing on the head of his opponent. Being stuck with a plasma grenade on the scalp is called a sticky yamika.

This is what a scenario based around this event would play out as on Xbox Live:

Lord Goregasm: Oh shit!
xjoncamposx: I just sticky yamika'd that bitch from downtown!
RB is ugsmafugs: I SAW THAT! STICKY WAR!!!
by Lord Goregasm July 13, 2008
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