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A sexual act that involves having sex with a condom. After the male comes in the condom he takes the cum filled condom and holds the tip and using his other hand and pinching the condom tight and sliding down the condom pushing all the cum out of the condom. To perform a true sticky filter it must be drained onto the girls face.
Brandon: How did your date go last night?

MP: It was amazing! She is one of the classiest women I have ever met.

Brandon: So you guys didn't sleep together?

MP: Oh we totally fucked.

Brandon: How is she classy?

MP: After we fucked she asked me if I would give her a TRUE sticky filter and I aim to please so that is what she got. A face full of cum.

Brandon: WOW! Sounds like your kind of woman.

MP: I am taking her to meet my mom tomorrow.

by Moppe April 19, 2009
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