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A cunt who plays fifa with no actual skill and uses the right stick by wiggling it around to do skills by getting lucky.

Also commonly known as a Prick
by OG Big Bollocks October 05, 2019
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Commonly used as a term to describe helicopter pilots since flying is done with a stick more commonly referred to as a Cyclic. Although some fixed wing drivers might glom on and try to use it also since some airplanes are flown with a stick instead of a yoke. Such as a Supercub or F-16. Not widely used yet but becoming ever more popular in the helo world. Careful with this environment because many helo pilots are gay and this word can be mistaken if used in front of newbies. Also robbie rangers are quick to throw out new words to look cool and they may actually be checking for Gaydar signals amoungst a new group of friends. But when used in the right time and context it can mean somebody is quite handy at what they do.
Yeh, the other day me and the ol' "Stick Wiggler" here (Place name here) landed the 206 on a rock at 12'000 ft. and took a piss on our way across the Rocky Mtns.
by Coochief May 07, 2010
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