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A Stewbear was originally named for its bear like stature and gentle personality. A Stewbear is a kind human with a somewhat frightful outward appearance. They often stand well over six feet tall with wide shoulders. Despite a Stewbear's powerful appearance, they are known to be easily startled. A Stewbear is a modern day gentle giant.
I was frightened when the Stewbear first approached me, but I quickly became calm and felt protected.
by stewbear September 08, 2011
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Stewbear is another way to say true love or soulmate. A true stewbear is fearless and protective, loves his friends fiercely and will always have your back . Wears his heart on his sleeve while still having a 'come at me' attitude. Talented without vanity. A true poet but will never admit it. As a boyfriend he is the best thing that could ever happen to someone, he brings a sweet romance to a bad boy attitude. Will love his girl with everything he has and will burn the world to be with her. Also looks sexy in hoodies, or out of hoodies.

The most beautiful soul ever created belongs to stewbear. Also, to have a stewbear comes with risks: you will become dependent on stewbear being in your life, as you need water or air, and, voice is known to cause psychedelic effects, do not operate heavy machinery while speaking to one.
Stewbear is very fond of that kitty over there.

I talked to Stewbear today, I am okay now.

I love Stewbear
by kittynbear April 24, 2019
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