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Extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, lyricist, and producer. Most noted for beginning Porcupine Tree; one of the best Prog bands ever and one of the few to rival the likes of Tool or Dream Theater. Has done multiple side projects with other noteable musicians such as Mikael Akerfeldt and Tim Bowness. Quite alot of his songs sound like they are about rape, but they definitely aren't ear-rape.
Dude:Did you hear Kanye West killed himself?
Lebowski: No way! Why?
Dude: He heard a Porcupine Tree Track.
Lebowski: Ahh... makes sense.

Dude1: Man... Steven Wilson has more talent in his beard than all Pop musicians combined.
Dude2: Steven Wilson doesn't have a beard.
Dude1: Exactly.
by Narwhalsrkewl June 24, 2013
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