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Prolific (and horrific) discoverer of some of the least well known sexual acts this side of a Dirty Sanchez. Some of his more well known pieces "The Houston Jetpack" and "The Alabama Hot lips" he first performed when touring the US back in 2001. Keysie, as he's known to his lovers, demands his sexual partners to shout out load "DOES THE KEY FIT STEVE, TELL ME IT FITS" towards the business end of his performances. Rumours have started to circulate regarding his latest piece of work, which is thought to have been named "The Sh!t book-end" and involves herding a stag party into a narrow-boat and blocking the exits by depositing large stinking sh!ts either end of the walk through. The stag party will then retire to their beds and fall unconscious - at which point "someone" is performed upon. Then, whilst the party awakes and BANTAAAs around the stinking after-mass that unlucky "someone" remains quiet and curled shaking in a ball, the rest of the party will attempt to identify the phantom sh1ter. The idea is that BANTA becomes so unnerving that his victim will refrain from expressing their concerns.
steve key keysie frog song PULL male, blonde, tall
by nitram selig September 24, 2012
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