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An epiphany analagous to listening to a song one has heard many times before, but never in stereo or on expensive new speakers, and realizing that the song is far more brilliant, nuanced, complex or soul achingly beautiful than you had previously thought. Stereo Epiphanies can be romantic; falling insanely in love with someone you've known for years but never gave thought to, intellectual; going back to read Derrida after you've actually patiently engaged Husserl, Plato, and Saussure, or literal, listening to the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" after hearing it on your father's car stereo since you were a small child and realizing that it is, in fact, the most painfully earnest thing you've ever heard, causing you to collapse to the floor and sob uncontrollably for several hours.
Gunther never realized he was star shaped crystalline god child with eyes countless as the sand; he thought he was just quieter than the other kids. It was a real Stereo Epiphany.
by Roshan A. January 26, 2006
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