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Asshole who is the director of Christian Voice, a British organisation bent on banning anything blasphemous towards Christianity.

They most recently started a huge protest against Jerry Springer: The Opera being shown on BBC2 - they managed to rally over 50,000 lunatic Christians to complain and protest to Ofcom. Despite this and the losers at Mediawatch UK putting on huge pressure, the BBC screened it anyway and attracted 1.7 million viewers in the process.

They also pressurised a cancer charity into turning down a £3k donation from the Springer show and are now targeting abortion clinics and theatres across the UK planning to show Jerry Springer.
Green posted the contact details of a BBC controller (who greenlighted Jerry Springer: The Opera) on the Christian Voice homepage, consequently forcing the guy to move into a safehouse after hoardes of demented evangelicals made death threats to him and his family.
by ATH April 16, 2005
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