A common misspelling of the name Stephenie Meyer.

Stephenie Meyer is most known for writing the Twilight Saga, and ninety-five percent of Urban Dictionary writers love to flame her, the remaining five percent praising her like she's their only reason to live.

See Stephenie Meyer. I recommend you read my indifferent definition which should probably be posted by the time you read this.
XxUnoriginalEmoScreennameXx: dont u hate stephanie meyer?? we should get together and asassinate her

ScreennameMadeToSoundLikeNinja: I don't really give a damn, but if you're going to flame her try to get her name right.
by InsertBrilliantNameHere March 27, 2011
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The worst writer in the history of the world. Known for her shitty Twilight series, her books make me sick. If you're thinking about reading Twilight, don't. It's all about some weak ass slut who's afraid of her own shadow who is also anorexic and falls in love with a "vampire". He's really just some stupid fuck who wears body glitter to be more attractive, but makes him look gay and climbs trees. Both Bella and Edward combined have the intelligence of a jellyfish (meaning that both of them have no brains). All they like to do is have sex with each other. So Stephanie Meyer is a really bad writer who can't take criticism.
Damn, I really want to send Stephanie Meyer some negative feedback.
I'm on team Dracula if anything.
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by Bloodthirsty Vampire January 07, 2019
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Smart person- The Twilight books are amazing, Stephanie Meyer is a fucking genius.!
by katetreloar February 19, 2009
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