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What mom treats herself to after being with dad bod. Step dad bod was once very athletic and fit in his youth but he didn't quite let time and beer ruin his body completely. He probably still works out or has an intense manual labor job such as plumbing, construction, carpentry, logging, landscaping and more
"After divorcing Timmy's dad, I found another man, he doesn't have a dad bod, he has a step dad bod"
by spoonman89 September 28, 2017
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A guy who allowed the passing of time to ravage his once great physique but eventually decided to lay off the beers and do a little bit of lifting to attract Cougars like your mom.
"Bro, you have to hit the gym, your starting to get a dad bod."
"You see these guns? I got a stepdad bod, at least!"
by Wackadoodledoo May 20, 2016
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