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Stel-ek (sTael'uhk)

1. A Warhammer player of exceedingly high self-regard who loses poorly and without grace.

2. A Warhammer player of godlike self-regard, who makes excuses (dice, terrain, cheating, meant to lose as a lesson...) when he inevitably fails to live up to his own over-hyped expectations.

3. A self-aggrandizing fatty Warhambeast commonly mistaken for a pedophile.

Synonyms: Shitpickle, Sutton, Syphelek, YTTH
"I was at the local FLGS and you wouldn't believe the Stelek I saw there. Talk about full of himself!"

"Yeah, I played a real Stelek at the NOVA Invitational: what a tool!"

"What's the matter Stelek, the truth hurts? Maybe you just suck at Warhammer..."
by Stelek September 23, 2011
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