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Ight so Steepwildin mean like my nigga like REALLY CHILL OUT CAUSE IM RLLY BOUT TO FUCK YOU UP TYPE SHIT. SO SAY IF YOU STEAL SOMEBODY OR IF YOU JUST WILDIN LIKE YOUR REALLY REALL REALLY BUGGIN, LIKE YO YOU STEEPWILDIN LIKE GO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE. Say for instance micah come and take your food while u wasnt lookin and you see him take that very last bite knowing damn well your on welfare and your poor, that mean he STEEPWILDIN.
"Yo veronica stop fucking wit all these boys like you STEEPWILDIN yo"
"Damn mashiya you smoked the whole blunt you fucking pig like you STEEPWILDIN yo I'm out"
by KINGAP GLLLLLTTTTTTT September 23, 2019
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