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To deliberately put down a friend in front of a girl in order to make yourself look better.

The act of weaseling your way into a situation using the lowest means of sabotage possible. Examples include unnecessary guilt trips and the belittling of friends in order to accomplish selfish motives.
Sam steaseled David at the dinner table when he called David a rude and selfish asshole for not inviting the ladies at the table to serve themselves food first. Consequently, Sam looked like a gentleman, while David looked rude. Therefore, David just got steaseled by Sam.

Adam steaseled his way into the girls bedroom by humiliating his friend.

The steasel Jordan pulled on me made it so that I could never have sex with that girl again.

Tom steaseled his way into a party he was not invited to, taking the place of a friend that would have been invited otherwise.
by that raza daza November 23, 2010
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