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Shorthand for the tradeable, game-themed emoticons added to Valve's Steam PC game delivery service along with Steam Trading Cards. Many aren't "emoticons" in the traditional sense; rather, they are just little icons related to a game's theme. Their relative uselessness in this sense can lead to "Steamoticon spam" - the practice of popping a couple Steamoticons at the end of every post a player makes, probably unrelated to the post itself. As "items", Steam users can display them in galleries on their profiles as well, though, so the less emotive icons are of some practical value.
"I can't believe you paid $3 for that Binding of Isaac *poop* Steamoticon. Are you crazy?!"
"Omg I know you love the Companion Cube, but do you have to end ever single post you make with that Steamoticon?"
by Cryotek August 10, 2013
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