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This has of course something to do with the "steaming Pudding" except its more of a prank! This is where you pour again a good amount of Pudding in your asshole! Once again let the pudding sit in there for a couple of minutes to get that great smelling and tasting touch! Then you go up to the person who you wanna prank(WORKS BEST ON SLEEPERS!!!) then you squat or jump or how ever you can fart the entire load of pudding thats been chillin in your ass for the past few minutes right in the face of the chump your trying to prank!!!
Guy: OMFG!!!! I cant fucking believe you just gave a "Steaming Pudding Surprise"!!! Are you fucking crazy!!!

Pranker: DUUUUDE!!!! I so fucking got you with that !!!! hahahahahahahaha
by Idonteatpudding October 12, 2011
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