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Stealth blocking is when an internet user is blocked by another user or by a website without being told. Many times, the stealth blocking will be initiated by a mindless bot that assumes you are a spammer using its algorithm. You posts might only be showing up for yourself (also known as shadow banning, which is heavily used by reddit and Google Plus), or maybe only one person won't see them (this is less serious and is most often seen on Facebook). This is considered a cowardice move by many, as not only is it a temporary fix to a long term problem (let's face it, trolls will find out when their b8 isn't getting replies and just make another account), but it often affects those who haven't done anything and just happened to get falsely marked as spam by an oversensitive bot.
1. I tried to contact my ex via Facebook to give me back my laptop, but I'm pretty sure she stealth blocked me.

2. My YouTube comments are now plagued with a stealth block because trolls kept marking my comments as spam and got the G+ algorithm to start blocking them.
by thisplacesucksass March 10, 2015
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