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The act of pleasuring another person in public by either using the hand or mouth. This would likely occur in the back corner of a classroom, or the very backseat of a public bus.
"Man.. I heard Tina gave you a stealth job in math class the other day?!"

"Yeah, Mrs. Dunford never saw a thing."
by Slander89 February 05, 2010
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The art-form and skill of secretly pleasuring oneself or another person sexually in a public or semi-private setting. A stealth-job is deemed successful if climax is reached and the persons and acts involved go unnoticed by others in the vicinity.

Can be performed on oneself, male to female, female to male, male to male, or female to female.
Can be performed anywhere where there are other people who are uninvolved: parks, restaurants, bars, classrooms, offices, cars, tents, hotel rooms, buses, etc.

Should not be attempted without reconnaissance, planning, coordination, cooperation, control, and skill. Performer and receiver (if present) should practice among friends before moving into a law-enforced public setting.
"Yeah I gave myself a stealth-job in class today. Nobody noticed because I went slow and it was under the table in the corner seat and I was wearing my big hoodie too."

"I gave her a stealth-job at the movie last night. We almost had to abort mission because she kept moaning."
by CursedMonk87 August 29, 2008
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