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A Stay At Home Bro is someone who sits on his butt at home, all day, either watching TV or playing video games, from the time he gets up from bed, until he feels like he's had his fill for the day, and goes to sleep. A Stay At Home Bro will take the occasional nap, a short break to see what food can be found in the kitchen, or even take a restroom break to pee out of boredom. Usually unemployed, and usually not one to go through full-time credit hour semesters in college, the Stay At Home Bro will often resort to mooching to meet life's daily needs, especially when it comes to who will buy him lunch or in more extreme cases, pay for his cable and/or internet bill.
I'm not paying the cable/internet bill this month. I'm not supporting the habits of a Stay At Home Bro.
by Wizard Toast October 02, 2010
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