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The State Beach Locals, Or SBLs are a group of kids who call themselves rats. The older rats are o.k. guys who usually dont mess with people unless messed with first. the one u really need to worry about are the dirt squirrels. these are kids who like to call themselves rats but arent accepted by their older peers. they are a bunch of posers who attempt to surf and skate to fit in, because they played football but had no natural athletic talent. they say thing like "let's shroup the gnar bro" or"stop being such a mark" they take out their jealousy and anger on the kids they secretly look up to, the jocks. the rats really want to be the jocks but pretend to hate them. they smoke alot of marijuana and some are into other drugs. at night they talk about how they could play football like back in pop warner but their size holds them back. at that point they decide to crash a jock party. they skate around untill they finally have one, then proceed to get their ass kicked by the bigger, faster,and more physicly superior jocks. then they go to someones house and figure out some exscuse on why the got their ass beat or they change the story. then they find the tiny kicker on the football team and fight him with 15 guys.
Rat 1: Hey let's go fight some jocks
Rat 2: Ya rat!!! I saw like three of em down at 37
Rat 1: Alright, we'll need at least thirty of us then
Rat 2: K, I'll call all the state beach rats
by gnar gnar downs July 30, 2009
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