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State Farm -noun: A band of fascist liars who use guerrilla tactics in order to do absolutely nothing, with the exception of fucking all of their clients, while still making millions of dollars every year.
-Synonym: Aaron Burr, Al-Qaida, asshole, enron, Hitler, liar, nazi, north korea, pedophile, politician, rapist, scientology, terrorist, thief, totalitarian.
"Fuck State Farm Insurance!"


"Because I thought this war was over, but apparently its not because on the contrary to our rental car agreement state farm backed out of paying for 42 days of rental car use. Due to an accounting error by state farm and a billing error by enterprise auto insurance no one noticed until today that I owe over $900 to enterprise car rental. At this point all I can do is laugh. I have never heard of someone getting fucked so badly with auto insurance claim until now. My car was just paid off last week although it has been totaled since October 7, 2006! Tell your friends and tell your family FUCK STATE FARM auto insurance! I hope that fucking company goes bankrupt and all of its employees get laid off. Especially all of the ones who took part in processing my claim, their fates are destine to be filled with nothing but torture and suffering. Karma is a bitch and everyone single one of those mother-fuckers is going down!"
by Frankieverdi February 01, 2007
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