Refers to the Pokemon that you can start with in the mainline Pokemon games. You get to pick one of three of these Pokemon per game. All of them have a three-way evolutionary line. They are usually one of the strongest Pokemon introduced and they are usually one of the most commonly used Pokemon throughout the game and by other players. So far they have all been of the Grass, Fire, and Water type.
Which Pokemon did you pick for your Starter Pokemon?
by u_no_who_right June 03, 2010
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When an ex-Pokemon player , Plays just about any game or has to make life choises, While also getting the choice of picking something to begin with , But at the same time given an option to ditch that same pick at almost any given time.

Often times people who suffer from Starter Pokemon complex , Will also have an unusual , Unobjective And some times straight off delusion reasons to keep their pick. It is primarily driven, from the bond that ashe katchen had with pikatchu in the Pokemon series, Which people try to mimic that to fictionally feel closer to that level of intimacy with a pokemon (Pick).
Tim : "*Picks reksai, At the first carousel in team fight tactics*"
Tim : "*Doesnt't sell that 2 gold cost unit , And keeps strengthening that champions throughout the game*"
Dennis : " Hey tim why didn't you sell that reksai ? "

Tim : "Reksai is a strong champ" (Reksai is not a strong champion at all)
Dennis : " You sooo got "Starter Pokemon complex"
by MrHangetsu July 20, 2019
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