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1. Decorative elements used to enhance the appearance of an individual or vehicle, but which fall short of being the truly desirable, attention-getting, show-off elements the owners think they are.

2. Cheaper "knock-off" or lower-grade versions of trendy decorations or jewelry designed to show off wealth. Due to the inherent contradiction (cheap stuff to show off wealth?), a somewhat ridiculous expenditure of effort.
1. Lookit that guy thinkin' he's so cool - he's got 14" faux-chrome spinners on a 1995 Honda. That's just some poseur-ass STARTER BLING!

2. My 15-year-old niece wanted me to take her to the mall so she could get some STARTER BLING, so I bought her a bracelet with about 100 cubic zirconias on it.
by POP944 January 23, 2006
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