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Starport is a massively multiplayer game meaning you play with and compete against many other players from around the world. Your life in the Starport universe will be filled with the excitement of battling other space captains for control of the galaxy, joining up with allies to run giant multigalactic corporations, and colonizing or invading vast new worlds to expand your empire. Crusader of justice or villainous space pirate? The choice is yours!

BEST GAME EVER! Amazing game with a small player base and okay graphics. Everyone's mature and pretty intelligent. The games mixes the use of intelligence, skills, and people skills. The course of the game is decided by the players as they form corporations and declare war against each other. Your reputation and status in the community is not based on anything but skill and who likes you, Therefore, even when you start, you can be awesome!

The game is built around colonies, which you must build and defend. This skill takes smarts and awhile a hone.

The second skill needed is invading. Being able to maneuver your ship past many obstacles and hit the biodome is no easy task. Teamwork is used to accomplish it.

Fighting has lost its charm ever since mods were integrated, but it's still very evident in the new server Blitzkrieg, in which 2+ teams will battle over 1-3 colonies for 20 minutes. Tons of fighting and invading occurs and it is the most rapid paced game out there.

This game is maintained by one person called Toonces.
Muffin: Hey Toonces, can you get rid of mods? And make 3 planets permanent in Blitz? Oh, and starport: galactic empires is awesome!

Vet: Hey Toonces. Weed. Am I right?

Toonces: Yeah. Lol.


You have been muffled.

/fondle Toonces
by -Muffin January 11, 2011
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