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When boyfriend and girlfriend have reached a plateau in their relationship where no shame is felt and they decide to place their anuses together. Then when one of them has to fart, they then unceremoniously do an exchanging of rectal air so as to revive the other's chocolate starfish and to allow the suffocated ones anus to "breathe" again. This may occur as many times back and forth as nature sees fit or until both parties can no longer butt French to keep the passing of farts going due to laughing fits as having someone fart up your ass is hilarious just as a thought, nevermind an action. I truly hope to see viral videos of this online soon. Screw Brazilian Fart Porn, its Starfish CPR now. Created from the hilariously sick mind of Jake Galloway.
John: "Last night me and Lisa did Starfish CPR like 4 times before we ran out of butt air."
Steve: "I'm gonna ask Donna to do Starfish CPR with me tonight, we had beans for lunch and I just know we can beat your record."
John: "We are gonna try adding flour to the mix and watch ourselves in the mirror, Its gonna be hilarious."
Steve: "Were getting so good at it were thinking of doing it at our wedding."

In the other room
Lisa: "Last night John made me do starfish CPR with him its like a habit now, we do it like 10 times a day. He is proud we made it to 4."
Donna: "Yeah I know, I like how it feels but it tickles my rectum so much.
Lisa: "He mentioned flour in the crevice so it would show how much air we were missing."
Donna: "He thinks we are gonna do it at the wedding, my mother would be mortified.
by Jacob Galloway November 26, 2013
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