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First, Stardoll is an online community where you have to go to others' suites and rooms to chat after adding them (I don't know why) and decorate your suite (rooms) and MeDoll (avatar).

But then there are the "clubs". The most popular club is Animal-Lovers. There is EVEN a club called "family problems"
where people go on about their harsh child life. There is "club invasions" where people of clubs (talk dirty or rant at other clubs, etc.). For some reason, guys enjoy these things too.

Then there is the DRAMA. Basically, drama on stardoll is a combination of clubs/club invasions, popular users, and there's much more. Alot of the drama is: "But I wanna upgrade to SuperStar! Here's my password! Join my club, and vote me as CoverGirl!!!" CoverGirl is a virtual magzine of Stardoll with all the latest news about Stardoll. And of course, the "CoverGirl" on the cover is picked every single day based on the highest-rated user. Besides all this, there's also some great people on stardoll, from around the world, basically.
scene poser: *puts on emo makeup and hair* "I need the first season of DKNY now!!!"

awesome friend: Hey! Welcome to Stardoll Superstar, wanna be friends? My name is _____! :)"

Club people: "OMG did u see club ____ for the latest free stuff cheat?!?! I just posted on a family problem club.. I've been CoverGirl and now I'm extremely popular!!!"
Normal person not ready for Stardoll: OMG okay?! uh hi!??!
Stardoll Drama: "AHH OMG my club is theee best im like popular im selling this half off i work at stardoll add meh!! :)"
by Experienced Stardoll User June 16, 2011
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